Why I support this initiative

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“The United Peace Initiative speaks to me from the bottom of my heart.” MICHAL KOVÁČ, the first president of the Slovak Republic …

Datum: 5. May 2015



“I would like to comment on the United Nations Peace Initiative, which I presented at this morning’s meeting. This initiative has fully exposed reality: that, on the one hand, there are a few people who still share the same views – who or theirs – and, on the other hand, there is a whole society of normal people who have been silent so far. These days we have celebrated 70. anniversary of the victory over fascism. I feel that here, through this challenge, we could move towards a different victory. I would very much like to appreciate that, on the foundations of the victory that has allowed us to sit here and live here now, thousands of normal simple people with their lives have emerged among the supporters of this challenge. This is where the possibility arises that, despite the horrors of all the situations we are all experiencing, such a true unification for peace could sprout, knowing that we are here, ordinary people, that we suddenly see how many of us there are, that he and the other have signed it. , both in that city and in that village. In my opinion, this gives a lot of strength, optimism and hope for the future. For there are few people who are for peace, for the friendly resolution of conflicts that must be brought about every time. Paradoxically, against the background of this terrible situation in the world, this could wake up people, otherwise it is probably no longer possible … It’s something very beautiful. It’s a very dignified, well-timed and apt response to the apologists of violence we’ve been confronted with in recent weeks. ” …

Datum: 6. May 2015



“Pygmies in the jungles of the African Congo have resolved every dispute by singing and dancing. The positive energy accumulated by the tribes really solved most of the ethnic problems, so they weren’t at war with anyone. That is why I add a positive voice to this challenge. And they should all not have to face such challenges. ” …

Datum: 8. May 2015



“At a time when our society is increasingly polarized in various ways, when for political and ideological reasons there is disagreement between longtime friends, even families, an initiative has emerged with the ambition to overcome partial differences, differences of opinion and unite thousands (perhaps later there will be tens of thousands, even more …) people in an effort to achieve a common goal: to prevent wars … The fact that so many people have already supported this challenge in a social atmosphere, where there is also a tendency to escalate tensions and see war as the only way to settle conditions in Eastern Europe, proves that the idea of peacekeeping is paramount for all of them. ” …

Datum: 5. June 2015



“I will never forget what I survived during the bombing in Vojvodina (Serbia) in 1999. At that time, our fat plane, people and buildings on it were destroyed by bombing raids and whenever I think about it (even in a dream I hear them !), the warning of the skilled man Georges Clemenceau comes to mind: “Humanity must end wars, because wars will end with humanity!” Destroy the earth? I know that in a world full of great contradictions and contradictions, most of these peaceful, non-conflicting and humane people live, who above all value peace, work, family, love, friendship and peaceful coexistence! Only 70 years have passed since the last world war, and we have not learned anything !? ” …

Datum: 5. August 2015


Mapping Militarism and a Just and Sustainable Peace

Datum: 23. October 2022